Video h.264 

baseline is more compatible than main

audio AAC

128kbps stereo at 44.1 kHz

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder does not natively support AAC audio encoding. It requires a plug-in from Main Concept. See The cost is $180.


1) Live encoding MUST contain AAC audio. AFMLE will require the MainConcept plug-in at The cost is $180. Wirecast and Inlet encoders already include AAC audio encoding. We will need to check other encoders before we recommend them. We should no longer recommend any live encoder that does not natively do AAC audio encoding.

2) On-demand MP4 files must also have their audio encoded with AAC. Most of the time this is the default setting and is not a problem.

3) Audio-only on-demand files CANNOT be MP3 files. They must be M4A files which Replay Converter will transcode from a MP3 or other format. Since we are removing on-demand files from the free church audio, this will only affect paying customers that elect to stream audio-only files.