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Streaming with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

We are having trouble connecting to the server since the update to the servers. Does anyone have instructions for setting up the system now?
When we try to connect to the server through the adobe flash media live encoder, we recieve the following error: "Failure to connect to primary server. Please verify that your Server URL and application name are valid and that your Internet connection is working and retry."

Everything has been working great for the past 2 years or so until this last month.


We would welcome any suggestions you may have! Thank you!

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We are having the exact same issue.  Everything worked fine for 5+ years but now we can't access any of the servers and all of audio links on our website are useless.  What's more, I have submitted two separate "Support Tickets" to Netbroadcasting but have received no help whatsoever.  If anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated as I've already had several people both inside and outside the church complain that they can't access our recorded services.


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